Inauguration Day

My dad snagged three tickets in the silver section last minute for the Inauguration, so I braved the freezing weather with my mom and older brother to go into the city.  D.C. was packed, obviously, with people everywhere and trash flowing over the bins and lining the streets.  We got spots behind the first jumbotron, in the furthermost ticketed section.  I could see the capitol itself only slightly, with a guy that must have been seven feet tall in front of me.  I laughed, because my mom was probably the only conservative in the whole crowd, and she was getting worked up listening to the collective boos and cheers, depending on what politician was shown on the screen.  I, for one, had just seen Say Anything that weekend and could really only think about my being within a one mile radius of John Cusack.  Michelle looked very beautiful.  I was disappointed that the Chief Justice couldn't have brought the silly note cards.  And that Yo-Yo Ma and Itzhak Perlman weren't live, because  Yo-Yo Ma looked so joyful, I would have loved for that to be passion reading on his face.

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