averam, averas, averat, averamus, averatis, averant

Today was lovely, especially for a Monday.  School was fine, no tests, not much work, relatively nice weather (50 degrees or so).  Sunshine is so soothing.     

But I guess the thing about school that's so difficult is that it's loud.  I've gotten pretty good at pushing out the thoughts in my head which cramp the space, discarding the excess which makes me feel overwhelmed.  But at school, there is no escaping the chaos.  At the end of the day, all the swearing, laughing, complaining, droning, interrupting, it all stays with me, stamped on my brain in line upon line of bold-faced type.

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  1. you're 13??! your writing is so mature. this gives me hope that the educational system in this country is actually doing their job!

    cute blog. keep up your writing too.