be happy

We learned of the Great Depression and I had orange Pez from my rubber duckie dispenser, getting a sugar headache after two packs.  Not quite two, a few fell on the floor.  Distressing.  Depression.  
A classmate said there are Hoovervilles popping up around the country.  We also watched a bit of Cinderella Man, but the boy sitting next to me was making his chair groan and drawing bizarre pictures of Abraham Lincoln, I couldn't concentrate. 


  1. it sounds like you go to school on mars, but i guess that's just because it's been so long since i've been in a middle school classroom. actually, your classes sound like taking public trasport through the 'interesting' suburbs

  2. Wow! That sounds like a very eventful day!

    My hair was really easy actually. I sprayed it in the forward direction and then tossed it backwards and pinned it them sprayed it again. Not quite sure if that is understandable...

  3. That tiara is soo cute :)
    reminds me of when I was little and always wanted to make things that were sparkly lol.

    thanks on the congrats!
    the purtity pledges just really kind of inspired me...
    I'm still not sure if i'd take the step and make the pledge just yet, but yeah I've heard stuff like that before that people who vow only stay 'pure' for like a year or something and when they do want to do it they don't use protection.
    that's what I read...
    although it is still an interesting subject to me!

    and now I must come across as boring lol.

    Mulan is an awesome film btw :)

    much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx