More memories.  
Finding condoms in my parents bathroom (I was like 7, it definitely helped shape my sexuality in a deep way hehe)(wait, do they do it in there?  I never hear the bed squeaking).  
Going to the dermatologist, a big older man who told me burning my wart off would feel like poking hot stakes(steaks) through my eyes.  He liked my coat, called me a little World War 1 child with that coat. 
9/11.  I was going to have a play date with a girl I didn't like.  It was cancelled, I went home and slid down the staircase on mattresses with my brothers.  My dad got out of D.C. right before the bridges closed.  I am still in school with that girl, still haven't had her over.
Worshipping the 'Great Oak' tree on the playground.  I think it was actually a maple.  My friends and I would draw naked pictures and say that the Great Oak was "home to all".  We made a campaign to save the whales.  When I looked up whale tails on google for our handout (we were fiery before our environmental club died entirely) there were pictures of ladies with thongs poking out over their pants.

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