fiscal, pascal, socal, locate, venerate

School smelled like urine and peanut butter today.  And sweat, always.  A different friend as before flushed her chili, so the bathroom took on additional smells.  I like this different friend.  She likes hermaphrodites.  She said that in India they are worshipped, and are in high demand to  give lap dances to pregnant women, casting a spell so they will have little hermaphrodite babies.  Or something like that.  
I am reading Middlesex.  I think I'll read the Virgin Suicides next, Jeffrey Eugenides has a nice voice in his writing.


  1. hahaha urine, peanut butter and sweat! that's funny! i like your header a lot! and the bat! bats are awesome. nicole kidman kinda looks a little bit like a bat on that photograph! it's beautiful

  2. oh man, I do not miss school and the nasty smells.

    How did you like Middlesex?