The thought of living Saved seems more disconcerting than being a "sinner".  Because of the hypocrisy?
Rather listen to Luda's Service Announcement and eat my cold cereal.  But, when hasn't it been cold, only when I slept over with the girl whose family took communal baths.  But her brother had allergies.
Today I couldn't stop thinking about the part in Angela's Ashes where the boy throws up the food from his communion party and his grandmother gets mad and says that he threw up God, and how tragic that was, because the boy was starving and not used to having enough food to eat.  Also, when his neighbor got his tongue sliced in ribbons when he fell from outside an upper window where he was watching those sisters bathe.  Sliced doesn't feel like the right word.
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  1. Ouch!!! That would be very painful to get you tongue sliced in ribbons!
    Everybody is always say how E=mc2 is so amazing and all that but honestly, I don't really get it! Somehow that is the one formula that doesn't make sense to me!

  2. This Angleas Ashes thing sound intruiging, I must check it out. Thanks for the lovely comment!

  3. I need to re-watch Angela's Ashes. I don't remember it this way at all O.o

  4. That movie sounds good. Which maybe says something about what captures my interest.. haha.

  5. I definitely need to see that movie. I love the mix of photographs in each of your posts.

  6. I actually have never seen the movie, only read the book. In my mind it's kind of a jumble of poverty, sadness and masturbation, so maybe I got the story kind of mixed up.
    and as for e=mc2, whenever the world seems a bit small I try to figure the equation out, and that does it for me:)
    thanks to all for reading/commenting!