The crickets are creeping from the corners and it's annoying.  
I feel on the outside of a lot of things, like ringing ears and conversations.  My ears never ring, they only close into themselves and trap water.  I wish they rung.  I wish Prozac was a bit nicer, I wish air conditioning was always set to the right degrees.
I want to wear an Easter hat this year, like the little old lady from the picture book who gave her hats away as a gift or something, she was adorable.  


  1. sometimes when I'm falling asleep I get a sudden high pitched ring in my ear that lasts for ages until it nearly drives me crazy and then it stops. This is strange because I'm hearing impaired and can't hear anything when I take my hearing aid out, but the ring sounds so real.

  2. A very well written and thoughtful post. Nice pictures there, particularly the second one. My ears rarely ring but sometimes they trap water. Air conditioning seems like a long ago memory right now. It's snowy and dreary here.

  3. air conditioning.. like bobb said, it seems like such a distant memory. I can hardly believe that within a month or so now i'll be sleeping with the windows open.

    and thanks so much. yeah, the thread on the other side was from sewing a map of the mississippi river into the page, which i'll probably be posting soon.

  4. Yes! IF Prozac was better we'd all be sailing by on a manufactured happy numbness. On the one hand, it could be bliss...but on the other hand, I think I'd rather feel some pain and confusion than feel nothing at all.

  5. i love this post!
    you're a good writer.
    keep up the good work.

    p.s. a million thanks for the lovely comments.

  6. Gah, I hate when my ears ring.
    And the thing about the air conditioner temperature, I couldnt agree more :) haha