no, I like titles. the picture is too close to the date otherwise

I think the most disappointing quality in a person is when they end up being less nice than they seemed.  I love smiley, friendly, affirming people.  I've never been one, but I've never seemed like one then. 
Tried to sleep today, Sunday afternoon naps are so romantic.
My fifth grade math teacher taught the class about metacognition (he also ate ding dongs during our morning periods).  I think metacognition is at the root of all my problems.  Thinking about my own thinking.


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  2. Metacognition is fine and can be helpful but it can be a problem when it becomes preoccupying and you take it to the next level - thinking about thinking about thinking etc.

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  4. Stephanie: sweet, I linked you. Is it okay if I read nolovelost though? I like both your blogs.
    Bobb: I agree. Overanalyzed thoughts can be burdens.
    Thanks Lucy!