palm sunday

All I did today was chase after cats and drink a lot of iced coffee.  My friend and I walked because that is what calms me.
My sense of smell has heightened recently and it follows me all around.  Now I smell sewage from the pipe that burst in the laundry room yesterday and the citrus gum that I fished out of my school locker a few days back.  IIIIIIIIII.  I remember when I used to write about flying away like an eagle, that was three years ago.  
edit: my mom reads this blog.  no more bad words.
monislawa(??), fotodecadent


  1. Great pictures here, and an intriguing post. It started me thinking as your posts always do.

    I've only been to Palm Sunday services once (being Jewish) but i remember everyone waving Palm branches and feeling hopeful. This post also prompted me to listen to Patti Smith's "Easter" LP.which I haven't heard in a while.

    Looking forward to your next post.

  2. sometimes i remember things and it makes me sad. i forget a lot of things. like myself.

    <3, angelica

    p.s. you are amazing.

  3. I used to dance in the palm sunday services at my family's church and it involved processing through the sanctuary and waving palms, and I love those kinds of rituals. They do feel hopeful like you said, regardless of their real merit.