purge like popping pimples

MONDAY.  But a lovely one.  I drank Swiss Miss, blew on it to cool it down, made the congealed wet powder stuff travel in two outward circles like lungs, around and around.  
If I could live in any time it would be the Middle Ages.  I read these epic novels last year and they made the plague, cathedrals, the church and all look so dreamy. 
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  1. The photo of the kids running out of the Disney castle is amazing.

    Thanks for entering! You have a lovely blog!

  2. Ooh, I like yr blog. Thanks for commenting and visiting mine!

    These are lovely photos; I like how the second one is a bit spooky. And I laughed when you called the plague dreamy.

  3. haha loooove these pictures. and maybe the middle ages would be cool to live in for like....a day...but after learning more about the black death than i'd ever want to know in European History, i think i'd skip out before the plague hit :-)

  4. The middle ages were pretty cool actually, they had rad clothes too.

    x x x

  5. i love those photos!

    (and i love novels that take place in the Middle Ages. I think it is because I love how they talked back then.)

  6. These photos are great, thanks for your comment.

  7. Hve you seen "A Knight's Tale"? You might like it. It is like a modern take on the middle ages -sort of. But its definatly one of my favorite movies.