waves ablaze

I have a cavity in one of my teeth that reached a nerve, so I almost had to have a root canal today.  Thankfully it wasn't bad enough.

During lunch I sat watching a short girl draw.  She usually draws these manga chibi characters and eats ham sandwiches during class, but today she drew a dominatrixish looking woman.  I also talked to my friend for a while.  We laugh at people a lot together.  Being with her makes me feel large, and airless, and like I'm about to float up towards the ceiling and start bouncing off the walls.  She changed her name to Eleanor once, but it never caught on, her real name is so much prettier.  My dad got his needles stuck on that name, though, so he always calls her Eleanor.  


  1. I had a root canal once, and lets just say, it wasn't a very pleasant experience! I think it took about 6 appointments, involving 4 needles on each occasion, before the offending tooth was fixed.

  2. I love observing the kids who draw manga at my school... they dress very strangely. Your blog has lovely photos, and I'm impressed with your high calibre of writing!

  3. Hello.
    Why does eating makes everything better & worse?
    & why do you hate the way thumbs curve?

    I feel as though you are some sort
    of guru who knows things that I
    don't, even though it's possible I
    am older than you or something.

  4. friends who help you float are the best ones to have.