dah dah dah da dah

I've never thought of youth as joy, but middle age also has a certain melancholy, from the outside.  My first exposure to blogging was a newspaper article about crazed mothers (soccer moms, but that brings to mind a whole other group of fears, flat tires and vacuums) who blogged about the baby pandas coming to the National Zoo.  Then a birthday party I went to for a father of a friend, where there was fake beer and a giant birthday card that said birthday over and over, and happy only once. 


  1. Some really insightful thoughts about melancholy here, particularly about the birthday party - fake beer and that card.

  2. very deep, I think youth is joy depending of where you are.

  3. I think every age is both joyful and meloncholy -only it's expressed differently depending on your age. Sure being young is fabulous because you are so care-free and all but it can also be one of the hardest times of your life because you are constantly changing and re-adjusting. Same goes with adults- you're incredibly free and able to follow your dreams but you also have to deal with a certain sense of responsibilty wich really weighs you down.

    ...Just some toughts on the subject!