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on the topic of insanity.

My Bladerunner/Baptist Minister's Wife teacher is one of the only people I have known for a long period of time and still hold in very high esteem, with apple pie and stocks Cokes in the mini fridge at the back of the classroom for the days when no one slept well and says "I'm praying for you" and "I really appreciate you" in such a way so I am reminded at the most perfect times.  She also only wears black and ladybug pins, and talks a lot about Arnold and Annie Leibovitz, that mountain-cigar-horse-tightwhiteshirt shot, is just so sweet and grabs my hands and twirls me in a circle.


  1. I love nice people like that, the ones who always have the right things to say at just the right times! I love being nice but I have a very difficult time with words.
    cute picture! The cherry looks yummy!

  2. Very nice picture here.

    Your teacher sounds great. Compassionate and caring, a great sense of timing, and an Annie Leibovitz fan. As your posts often do, this one brings a back long forgotten memory. My mom used to get these rolls of red licorice I didn't much care for, but sometimes I would bring them into school, and give them to my French teacher to pass out during class.

  3. i don't that many nice people :(
    lovely pic, classic.