I was at Giant grocery store today and noticed that the tortilla chips were more orange and that seemed just wrong.  Salsa is runny and chips are orange.
I can't skip anymore.  I once could skip and my mom and I skipped around the cherry blossoms after chicken dinners and before ice cream.  Now I skip like I'm on icy ground.
Sometimes loneliness is the elephant in the room, somebody's gaping wound and it's heartbreaking.  My aunt, the way she so painstakingly copies all her grandparents' love letters from World War Two, a record of the romance she's never had.  Or my neighbor who lurks outside doors.  I feel like I've written this before, but I just watched a Tyra episode and those couches remind me of elephants. 
ksubi, lolita


  1. i want that lacey leggings now!lol!

  2. That story about your aunt is so sad. It made me think of a friend who never had much interest in his parents early lives, how they met etc. They died several weeks apart, and when he was going through their possessions he found some love letters his dad had written to his mom when they were dating. He now had a million questions to ask them, and now he never could.

  3. I hope you stop feeling so lonely soon, I hate feeling lonely. Especially when you're with people, but you feel left out even if you're not... it's hard to describe.
    I'm glad you shared your aunts story, it made me feel sad, but now I can remember and try not to regret not doing something.

  4. I feel lonely sometimes, but I don't really think it's that, just that loneliness characterizes certain people and being with them can make me sad.
    My aunt has a mental and physical handicap of a nature that she is different than everyone and knows it acutely. Being around her is heartbreaking, especially because she tries so hard to be normal.
    Some of the letters from my great grandfather to his wife were a bit x-rated, which is funny because I only knew them as 90+ year olds.
    whew, that was a bit long

  5. it would be quite cute, what your aunt does, if it weren't so sad. and i love lacy leggings, those ones are especially spectacular.

  6. it is cute, sorry, I sound so serious