I made a flickr account yesterday.  I am a terrible photographer, but beautiful pictures bring me joy, so I'll try.  Maybe this will be my summer project.

here it is

(picture is louise richardson from style bubble)


  1. no such thing as a terrible photograph/er. in fact, i believe you seem like the kind of person who would be able to capture moments that other people don't really notice the first time around. maybe you should make it your summer project. speaking of summer, summer is awesome!!! wow that was the creepiest sentence i ever said

    <3, angelica

  2. So true!! I am counting down the days until my school gets off.

  3. Your Flickr pictures are really nice. I totally agree with Angleica about the way you would - and do capture moments. I love the Flickr pictures you took, and I hope you do make it your summer project. It will certainly make my summer, and the summer of others brighter:).

  4. I love the dress !!! So sweet !

  5. I saw this dress online too and i think its so fun!

    your flickr is great. the pictures are really beautiful! I used to have a DeviantART account (actually I still do I just never update it) and I used to take so many pictures but I got busy and don't take as many anymore. I hope it works out for you though!

  6. I love this picture!
    I'll be sure to check out your photography :)

  7. Lovely dress. :]
    Personally, I wouldn't have the patience to make a flickr. My phone camera has like 0.3 megapixels.

    I'll probably make one when I get my cybershot for my birthday! I'm sure you'll do a great photography job, Mary. Don't be paranoid!

    Link when you make it so we can all bask in it!


  8. haha it's linked so you can all bask.
    I guess whether a photograph is good or bad depends on what one sees as beautiful, but what I mostly meant was that my camera is awful so I don't have a good foundation. And my birthday's in like eight months so I can't wean anything from my parents for a while.

  9. good luck with your photos,
    what camera are you using?

  10. oh, and my camera is fujifilm finepix a400.

  11. Ohhhh I've seen the dress on Style Bubble yes! I really love it, it's so cool :)

  12. O.M.G. i absolutely love that picture! such a beautiful dress, such beautiful light!

    i'll check out your flickr account!:)