I went to a therapist a long time ago who told me to dissociate from my emotions and watch them pass in front of me, like on a tv screen.  I always try to do that now, but I like them to wash through me like a colander sometimes, most of the time, when I think about it.  Or that is just an image living entirely in my head.
I sprained my ankle at soccer practice yesterday.  I had to leave my foot in an ice bath for ages and take Advil.  You know, my mom didn't use any painkillers when she had me, except an apple pie from McDonalds and the floor plans for every house my dad lived in as a child.  There were quite a few.


  1. ice baths hurt my bones :( therapists always get me wrong. when you have to go twice a week, i think it just makes you worse.

    <3, angelica

  2. I hope your ankle is better soon:).

    A thoughtful and interesting post as always. Usually when I read your posts, I think about them for a while then come back and comment.

    The colander imagery really fits well here. I find that when I try to let my emotions pass in front of me they usually end up washing through anyway.

  3. Ouch! I hope your ankle feels better soon! I used to sprain mine all the time from ice skating! The ice skating boots you have to wear keep your ankle so tight it make your ankle really weak after you take it off and so it's easy to sprain it. Not that you really care about how easy it is to sprain your ankle ice skating! lol
    Wow, your mom rocks! That sounds like a really effective pain killer! ;p

  4. Owee Hope your ankle gets better :S
    None of those therapeutical theories would work on me, Tv Screen nor Colander.

    xO. :]

  5. Hope your ankle feels better soon!

    I've never tried that method for emotions, i don't know if i'd be able to do it. It's so natural for me to become completely entrenched in whatever i'm feeling, and i can be so stubborn with advice.