sweet sour spicy temperamental

I know I think about memories too much, but remembering rewrites all the experiences with a sweet, sepia tone.  Tea at the Ashmolean, even though I had disgusting canker sores, because my cousin had won an art prize.  I just don't want to make any more memories yet, the old ones are enough.

I am really unhappy with this blog and I'm not sure why, or if it has to do with what I thought a few posts down about purging, involuntary (Asher Roth, et cetera et cetera et cetera).  I may make some drastic changes in the appearance over the next few days, or not.  Sometimes I put too much into this because it feels limitless.


  1. Just looked up and read about the Ashmolean.

    Although you are unhappy about your blog, the amount of effort you put into it is truly appreciated. Maybe you are unhappy because of the metacognitive trap?

    I hope whatever changes you make here make you happier and I'm looking forward to whatever direction your blog might take.

  2. Unhappy with you blog? well, I can understand that. I'm not the biggest fan of mine either, I feel a little too much like a wannabe sometimes.
    I can spot one change already, the banner. I really like it!
    that picture is really awesome. sad, but awesome.

  3. I doooo like your new banner :)
    I think that some changes may make you feel better about your blog and I agree with bobb, I'm also looking forward to whatever direction your blog takes :)


  4. I agree with Niviarsiaq and Chloe about the banner:).

  5. thank you so much!
    i really like your header and love the other pictues on your blog!