Thunderstorms came today, and I couldn't sleep but I will next time.
I am convinced that life is better than it used to be, in spite of everything or because, or I don't really know.  I used to exactly copy the lives of heroines in books I read, but there isn't one right way to live.  The world has grown bigger and bigger (but those times when everything collapses and I try to build a shanty...). 
P.S.  I started The Bell Jar.


  1. I agree that life is better then it used to be. Though I love an glorify a lot of the culture of the past (the 50's and 60's in particular) there were many negatives as well - more pervasive race and sex discrimination and more legal tolerance for then, much poorer medical care, the Vietnam War etc.

    Trying to build a shanty at times is a good idea - even in a much smaller world.

    Quite a diverse and interesting issue of Rolling Stone there.

    I'm glad you are reading The Bell Jar.

  2. I must say i agree with everything bobb said.

    I just finished The Bell Jar yesterday, glad to ear you're reading it too!