I went on a class field trip to the Holocaust Museum this morning.  The exhibits were upsetting, with very graphic images of the widespread suffering and evil.  Most unsettling part was the video footage of the celebrations when Hitler was first appointed Chancellor of Germany, there was a parade of red flares and Swastika flags.  The coloring reminded me of Escape from New York.


  1. I've never been to the Holocaust Museum. I know I should go. I do have a friend who had family members who perished in Holocaust, and some who survived Auschwitz.

    There's an amazing and often disturbing YouTube channel, with clips of many aspects of the war.


    Many of the clips have been removed or transferred. It had some of the "home movies" that were shot at Hitler's retreat. They are very creepy in that it shows the world's most evil people on vacation behaving in "ordinary ways".

  2. I love the first picture! In fact I love Kurt Russell in this film. Ended up watching Escape from LA too which isn't quite as dark..

    I have been to a Holocaust Museum before, It made everything more real as I think sometimes people become too far removed from it and it becomes just a story and not something that actually happened.

  3. Thanks for the link, how do you know of these things?
    The first video I watched was the little Polish boy, which was so chilling.

  4. I'm interested in so many things and have done a lot of research in general, online and offline. Your posts have touched on a lot of things I'm particularity interested in: science, religion, music, history etc.

  5. I so admire people who are interested in interesting things, because it seems like most people don't care.

  6. LOL at those masks.