i don't know why

communion (tip, green suede, hanke)
liver (sarah, health class - maddox - ffff)
regrets (stanford, congress, chiefly)
thunder (and lightning, -A-, quiver, summer heat)
noose (freddie, choke, transpire, kindergarten)
lush (wake up, robinss, kiosk)
hook (ie, grace, bricks)
paddle (bare bottom, saddle, tynotpennington)
t (v, em, sew)
quality (bedo, apostrophe, essss)


  1. The set of teeth, besides making me think of my many trips to the dentist, reminded me of my all time favorite stuffed animal, a purple mouse with a big protruding tooth. I had a friend who said that she once had a dentist named Dr. Toothaker, so I named the mouse Winston Toothaker.

  2. your mind, ahhhhh i want to climb inside. i seriously wish i was as cool as you.

    <3, angelica

  3. lol I really don't know what to say :P
    I'm gonna comment on the post before!
    Su :P