Today I
  • slept in until 1
  • watched 4 episodes of Jackass
  • ate fried wontons
  • started War and Peace
  • picked up my cello for the first time in weeks
A while ago, when my heart was hurting, my teacher, the lovely one, said nice things.  She said she saw a strength in me I didn't see in myself, she had faith in me, hope for me.  Her eyes teared and she said she saw part of herself in me and wasn't afraid, that I would become something good, great.  I cry remembering it.  I don't know.


  1. I would agree with your teacher, and I'm sure with your regular blog readers, that you will become something good and great.

    Jackass and War and Peace - a nice blend of high and low culture:). Glad you have started playing the cello again.

  2. i agree with everything bobb said. :)
    your teacher really does sound lovely!

  3. You just made me start craving Chinese food. That was really nice thing for her to say! Especially coming from a teacher, that's pretty amazing! I have faith in you too :)
    Ok, now I'm gonna go get some wontons...

  4. you play the cello? give me five for classical instrument players everywhere.

    your teacher sounds lovely (and honestly, i mean this without trying to sound like a net predator) so do you.) x