After this is published I will change the settings so this will fill the whole page, and mark the beginning of summer/sunshine/different posts.  Maybe I'll just add to this one post for a few days, editing spots where I see fit.
I want to share my favorite music because I know there is power in that medium, though I don't feel moved in the same way or to the degree that it appears some, many people do.  

Here goes.

I play the cello, as I've shared before, and though I don't have the patience or drive to play at a very high level, I love the sound more than any other instrument.  After school, when there are too many voices knocking around, I listen to cello music to calm me down.

I scratched through the Prelude of the First Suite for my first performance three years ago.  I generally listen to Janos Starker's recording, but this was a better video.
See also: 
Dvorak Cello Concerto in B Minor
Rachmaninoff's lovely lyrical pieces (I love the Vocalise)
Dance of the Elves
Bachianos Brasileiras No. 1, Fugue

On lonely, tired nights I sit with my computer and watch Ludacris music videos, because my mind doesn't process intelligent music well when it is trying to process other things, which it usually is.  I went through a brief Snoop Dogg phase last year, I would watch His Fatherhood and try to get around the parental controls on my parents' computer so as to watch footage from the Up in Smoke Tour.  A fan commented on one of these youtube videos and claimed he would give his right testicle to have been able to go to one of those shows.  If there is a female equivalent to this statement, at the time I'm sure I would have jumped on it.  Now I have my own laptop, and no parental controls, but my craze is, thankfully, over.

So, so, so, so wrong.  But, yet, so right.
See also:
Splash Waterfalls
Get Back

I have happy toddler memories of seeing the Beach Boys live, listening to Buddy Holly and The Crickets, memorizing every line to The Music Man soundtrack we kept on the floor of my mom's lilac mini van.  

I would chant Marian Madame Librarian (along with the Shakespeare song Mrs. Barratt my music teacher taught the class for Mother's Day) before bed as a sort of cool down ritual for the day.  
Now that I think about it, the entertainment my parents provided when I was young has a very special resonance for me.
Revival in Belfast (late night drives, using the steering wheel as a drum)
Alison Krauss 
Bruce Springsteen (poster, toothache in his ear (Dan Tucker???))
Beatles (1 red cd case)
Nightingale, Handel's Messiah in the old church 
Elton John

Sir Gibbie
All-of-a-Kind Family
Little Maid books
Chronicles of Narnia
Little House series
Gone Away Lake
Rowing to Latitude, Swimming to Antarctica (why did he choose these for me?)
Dido and Pa
Kristin Lavransdatter

Remember this one?

You know I love you.

To Be Continued...

Part 2

I shared that music houses memories for me, but the images tied to different songs have an even stronger and sharper voice.  A video or album art crowds my head, just as songs with lyrics are too much after a long day, and I can never sleep after watching television.  I have a hard time appreciating art museums, for that matter, because the pieces run together into a jumble and a blur.  
I try to post pictures, images that have meaning to me and are not overwhelming, because then the words have less and less validity.  Maybe that's why I don't have the heart for music that some do: the product is too much more than just the sound or the emotion.

To be continued, once again

I love going to ballets because the chairs are comfortable, but the atmosphere isn't as sinister as the inside a movie theater can feel.  My parents bought season tickets for the Washington Ballet when they used to put on classical ballets more often and it was feasible to spend sixty dollars per ticket.  During Intermission my mom bought m&ms and brought me down to the front row to peer down into the orchestra pit.  Nutcracker was the best production, but Peter Pan was when we met the man who had a cold like me and the cast shouted "Pirates!", which made me bounce.


  1. My parents music has such an effect on my tastes today. My parents really loved punk and new wave. I've been listening to The Cure, New Order, The Clash, and The Undertones ever since I was in 1st grade, and although I had gone through other stages as well (Britney Spears, No Doubt, Blink 182) I always loved those older bands and still do today.

    My mother's taste has never really changed. I gravitate towards more electronic music because of the New Order and 80's pop she plays. My father listens to more modern music (BSS, Portishead) as well as older 60's pop (Velvet Underground, The Kinks)

    My musical taste today (Passion Pit, Cut Copy, Interpol, M.I.A, Elliott Smith, Patrick Wolf, Animal Collective) all echo the tastes of my parents...almost exactly. I can extract pieces of music from my modern tastes and pair them accurately with older songs that my parents loved when they were my age, and it's rather strange.

    Why is this post so long?
    What's wrong with me?
    Alas, whatevah

  2. i am pretty sure we share some sort of magical mind power like e.t. and that little boy. i remember when i was a little younger than you, my grandparents had these friends from Chile. The husband's name was Pepe, and whenever my grandmother would throw one of her huge glamorous parties, he would always make me sit down and play the piano for him, because we both liked Chopin, but anyways, he gave me a box set of the cello suites 1-4 with every movement and i fell recklessly in love with them...they couldn't be any more perfect. i love the first one but the second one is like the soundtrack to my life. like seriously, i cannot really describe in actual words and letters how much those songs mean to me. and amadeus. oh my gosh. i remember when i first heard the confutatis movement while they are carrying his casket in the movie, and being so blown away, just SO blown away, with the choir, and the full orchestra, oh my goodness haha i would always tell my mom to please make sure that was played at my funeral. but aaaanyways, you are amazing as usual.

    <3, angelica

  3. Wonderful post as always, with really interesting comments from Hazel and Angelica.It's great to see all the eclecticism: Bach, Ludicris, The Music Man and the Beach Boys. I've seen the Beach Boys (and Brian Wilson solo). There will be lots about music in my blog.

    There's an interesting LP by Meridith Willson (only Willson I've ever heard of with 2 L's) and his wife Rini where they talk about and play selections from The Music Man.

    Ah Buddy Holly. There's actually a sort of connection to The Music Man here.River City, which is based on Meredith Willson's home town of Mason City, Iowa is only ten miles form Clear Lake, where Holly's plane crashed. I stopped at the Surf Ballroom, where Holly's last concert took place. You are allowed to walk on the dance floor, but not on the stage.There are lots of pictures of musicians on the walls. I also went to the plane crash site, which wasn't even marked. Someone at the tourist bureau told me where it was.

    I listen to just about everything. Right now I'm listening to "U.K. Teen Jamboree Volume 1", a collection of early 60's teen sounds. The Holly influence is pretty obvious on some of these songs.

    I'm really looking forward to the next part of this post:).

  4. amazing comments, thank you x17.

  5. such a thoughtful, long post, i love it.
    can't wait to see summery sunshiney posts, and read the rest of this post you have planned.

  6. Wow that's such along post, I only read the first part :D IT'S LONG! LOL
    but I always wanted to play the cello. and the violin,

  7. haha no need to read the entire thing, I've written it over the course of a few days.

  8. Season tickets to Washington Ballet?!?! That's so cool. I love going to see the ballet, hopefully you'll be able to do it more often in the future.

  9. -The cello is a beautiful instument. I've always wanted to play something interesting like that but I was taught piano when I was a kid so that's what I play. I've always been interested in guitar though, especially bass guitar. Wouldn't that be cool!..
    -Ludacris! Well I guess he's not really my style. I go for more of a Timbaland/Flo Rida/Chris Brown thing. You know, dance music they play on the radio all the time -yeah, that. lol
    -I've only watched The Music Man once but it seemed fun! I wasn't aloud to watch movies until only a few years ago so I'm still catching up on all the movies the rest of the world has seen :( I've heard all the songs from that movie plenty of times though! My mom's boyfriend sings them all the time.
    -Amadeus kind of wierded me out. It just had so many strange elements!
    -I always love the photos you post. They aren't the glossy magazine type but more the vintage scrapbook type. And they are usually thought provoking which I love!
    -That girl's hair ROCKS!!!
    -I used to dance ballet. My entire family has danced ballet but one. and I think we've all been in the nutcracker.. I was a toy soldier :)

  10. For me the cello is such a romantic instrument.

    I played the piano for 15 years and then the day I finished school I stopped. So happy to have the weight lifted and not to be forced to go to lessons by my mum. However now I miss it. I miss it more than i ever thought I would. I hope you keep up your love for the cello even if it is just in private.


  11. Oh! I forgot to mention, I'm related to Laura Engalls Wilder! I'm pretty sure we are descendants of Pa Engall's sister. They actually talk about her in the first book I think...
    Anyway, interesting fact of the day :)

  12. That is very interesting:). I remember driving by the site of the Ingall's original homestead - in South Dakota I think?