I bought three coloring books today: Victorian houses, dragons, famous pirates.
Night time is so appealing: lightning bugs, moonshine, soft edges.  I like that light is concentrated to bulbs, not an unforgiving flood.  I've been staying up until 5 am, sleeping until noon.  

Anyway, these long posts are fun.  The comments you all left on the last one were fantastic, thank you!
Summer is for wandering.  The only poem I have ever written and loved is a six word description of last summer, done for school on the first day back.  
Wondering and wandering, the same places.
I wrote it about Minnesota, where I'll be going on the sixth for a long time.  My grandfather lives there, not my grandmother anymore, and so does (:) Mall of America, 10,000 lakes - especially the pavilion and owl tree one, custard, casseroles, the school playground, a pretty front porch, the state fair, Garrison Keillor.  Yay.

I did not consider him to be any kind of genius.  I considered him deeply lacking in the area that mattered most in life.  Star quality.
Augusten Burroughs


  1. I love the long posts - the longer the better!

    Minnesota is a lovely state. I've been there several times, although the last couple were pretty brief - just driving through to get to North Dakota. I've never been to the Twin Cities - always just seem to be driving through them at rush hour. I'll be going through them again when I take a trip back to Maryland towards the end of summer. I remember going up to International Falls , which was a little disappointing - don't know if it's still there, but there was a huge smelly paper mill there. A friend of mine has been to not only every state in the continental U.S., he's been to every county. It took him 20 years. The county where International falls is was the very last one he went to.

    Your wonderful short poem reminded me of two books by William Least Heat Moon, "Blue Highways", which was the great road trip book of the 80's, and his next book, "PrairyErth" (sic), which traced the history of one county in Kansas.



    Have a wonderful summer of exploring, thinking,and dreaming:).

  2. i like how you describe daytime, an unforgiving flood of light.
    i feel the same way. somehow everything seems more important to me when it happens at night.

  3. Sometimes I like daytime better,sometimes night. When I was growing up. I liked night better because that's when I would have the best talks with my mom, who loved the night. I remember waking up at 3 am, seeing the light on in the living room , and going downstairs to talk.

  4. You're description almost makes me want to go to Minnesota

  5. you + me = star quality x 3183921329013

    miss you.

    p.s. you are awesome at everything.