My spirits are not holding up very well, and happiness is mostly confined to passenger seats and Jolly Ranchers.  Friday can't come soon enough, then summer and sleep.

It feels good to post and see her red lips and pretty eyebrows, though.


  1. Nice photo here. I'm sorry that your spirits are so low. Summer and sleep should help a lot.

    It's great to see a new post from you. It really raises my spirits:).

  2. I love the oversized pearls she's wearing, beautiful!
    I hate beeing sad but I love Jolly Ranchers and I love summer.

  3. i agree with bobb. i hope so much you feel better soon!
    i'm almost afraid i'll sleep my whole summer away, as i almost literally did with my spring break.

  4. I slept through spring break as well. I anticipate being completely dead for the first two weeks, but hopefully I'll be at least somewhat proactive for the rest of the summer.
    thank you, everyone, for being so nice. Nice doesn't really cover it, but you all give me tons of joy.

  5. this is to respond to the comment on his site (he doesn't go on there anymore):

    long story, short..:

    we met on a music website and connected over, well, music.. then he moved closer to me, and we met, physically, in a bookstore.. we're going to write a book, actually.. it's been 9 months together so far.. :)

  6. Oh, Im sorry to hear you're feeling down ):
    I hope you feel much better soon!
    And sleep is fantastic,
    it is my best friend in the holidays aha,

  7. Am that text made me kinda sad.. SMILE :)
    This is a cool and old-school looking photo, I like it :)

  8. beautiful
    absolutly beautiful..

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    warm loving.

  9. i agree!
    i love that pretty thick eyebrows and pouty red lips!

  10. She's beautiful!
    I miss your constant posts ):