I wrote this last night.

Since a power outage two days ago, the digital clock in my bedroom has been flashing at 4:17.  I am cocooned in my bed, with a constant hour and my nails long, because I don't have so much anxiety now.  Reading books with no context and old Elle magazine articles, and I really just feel so good, hungry, carbonated, air conditioned, because I'm trying to cut out ands and not sound like a broken record or a 4:17 power outaged clock. 

After reading over posts from the beginning of my blog I feel sad and pathetic.  Maybe my writing should only be read once.
Tomorrow I want to make a long, long post.  Maybe about the music I listen to, as after a few anxious tweets I feel ok being exposed.  


  1. It's great that you are feeling really good, and it's terrific you are going to write a really long post. Your early posts are far from sad and pathetic. It's just that your blog keeps getting better and better. I always read your posts more then once, reflect on what you are saying, read them again and comment.