Thunderstorms started late last night or this morning.  I curled up scared in my icebox room, the thunder on surround sound. 
This morning I babysat for two girls.  One has type 1 diabetes, have I talked about her before?, we  wrote poems with stenciled letters.  Her poem went, My dad loves beer, My dad loves his dad, My dad loves wine, My dad loves crochet.  Then I made baked chicken.


  1. I do remember you writing about the diabetic girl you babysit for, though I can't remember the details. No major thunderstorms yet here this year. They can be ferocious, but the humidity here is not as intense as I was used to growing up in Maryland,

    This post has the wonderful depth and eloquence I love about your writing:).

  2. i'm a little girl when it comes to thunderstorms. i hide in the bathroom with my back pushed up against the cotton-candy walls. i always find myself wanting to go into the big clawfoot bathtub and hide in there, but for some reason i always fear i'll get electrocuted. when i was young and lived with my grandmother in the deep south, the thunderstorms were horrific. i remember (numerous times!) the first big crack of thunder and mi abuelita would push me underneath the bed and we would lay there for hours, just staring up at the mattress box-springs.

    <3, angelica

  3. do you live on the west coast? There's been thunderstorms travelling up and down the coast and they hit us just the other day. I took a video of it because I think it's kind of beautiful.
    I hate diabetes. I hate even thinking about it. It freaks me out much more than thunder ever could. It runs in my family :(
    Baked chicken sound delicous! I dunno how I'll ever convince myself to actually become vegitarian!

  4. Aww i've not had a thunderstorm in england in like years..hope it wasn't too bad!
    and that poem was really cute..sounded like you had an awesome time babysitting and baking chicken tehe.

  5. been having storms here too, though i usually embrace the chaos. I like to put on either really loud records or sort of dreamy sounding ones, then i open the windows and let the wind tear through the curtains into my room. Once i even brought in one of those little plastic disco balls that rotate.
    Anyway, this was a really lovely, eloquent post.

  6. I love thunder storms they are so magical thanks for the b-day wishes