Hello again.
It's been a while.  The end of school brought all the sadness of this year into a swirl of memories and melancholy, but sunshine heals a lot, and I already feel so much better.
I started Running With Scissors but stopped in the middle, which I don't usually do with books.  Natalie and Augusten were at McDonalds saying their only skill for potential work was giving blow jobs and something else I can't remember.  Their lives seemed so unapologetically broken, and struck too many chords inside me.  For anyone who's read it, is there redemption at the end?
I think I'll update my flickr a bit this week, with light hearted summery things.


  1. It's great to see you post - I really miss them, and I'm so glad you are feeling better. I wish you many happy summer days:). I'm looking forward to the Flickr updates

  2. I saw the movie.. I would like to read the book, but what from what I can tell the movie is more watchable then the book is readable. There is one little uplifting heartbreaking highlight at the end. Depressing but unbelievable story.

  3. one of my favorite books...i read it around that time period i told you about, and i just loved how everyone had a little bit (or a lot, lol) of "craziness" inside of them, proving that the normal human state is in fact having something odd and peculiar only to you and your own personality. maybe i just liked things that made me feel less crazy in general. i <3 augusten, too. i remember that one part where natalie told augusten no one wanted her because she was "used goods" and i was amazed of how well she vocalized that feeling...which a lot of people don't exactly know how that feels. it's a good book. and movie! i have the biggest girl crush on evan rachel wood :)

    talk to you on twitter!

    <3, angelica

  4. I love evan rachel wood too! especially after thirteen.

  5. omg thirteen is literally my favorite movie of all time. it came out right around the time i was thirteen...it amazed me that other people were acting the same way i was. and comforted me.