Being alone is so easy, but maybe not rewarding.  Goal: be nice so people want to be with you.
Other goals:
wear earrings
don't let your pensive expression be mistaken as hostile and angry thereby alienating yourself even from random passersby
drink iced tea
do things you know will make you happy


  1. I like this post. I don't think I mistake pensive exrpessions for hostile very often. When I see someone with a pensive expression, I think it's cool that they are lost in thought. You posted a great picture a while back with your hands on your head and you appear deep in thought. I thought it was wonderful:).

  2. i need to do things that make me happy. and control my expressions.
    and my last post-the picture was of hanne

  3. This is adorable!
    Sorry, not to be a sketch...go make friends, but only if they are cool. If they are lame, don't bother, just become a blogger. What? Yes, I just rhymed.