I'm sitting on a rollout bed next to shelves and holiday decorations in the basement of my Grandpa's house.  I just ate another Hershey's Bar, and all the food is making me feel bad.  My cousins are here from Sydney and my grandpa seems less lonely, but being in the house, sleeping in the bed where my grandma died two years ago must affect him.  Just being here for a week is a strain, in that respect.
Minnesota is kind.  All nineteen of us went to a Twins game on Friday.  A family friend got an announcement on the scoreboard and it said welcome love Grandpa Bruce.  Also, lakes are great.
Back on Prozac now.


  1. It's great to see you post again! Family reunions are always pretty complicated - lots of fun, sometimes a bit of stress. Try not to feel bad about the food. A Hershey Bar is what my mom would have called "breakfast":) My family is a lot smaller now, but I remember when my dad's family would visit from Omaha. One funny thing about their visit was while I talk a lot and eat a lot, there was no was I could ever keep up with them.

  2. Awwwww ive missed you posting :( but now your back soo its all good :):)
    family reunions can be hard but try and enjoy it..they don't happen that often and i hope you have fun/attempt it while your there :):)

    loooveeyaa hun :] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    p.s ive never had a Hersheys bar in my life lol. they any nice??

  3. Bob - that's the way my family is. Even though I can knock back a lot of food, it eventually takes a physical and emotional toll, but everyone else is constantly eating anything and everything. My oldest cousin has three full bagels for breakfast.
    Chloe - thanks! Hershey's is ok, but really not as good as Cadbury's or Swiss chocolate. I've eaten it mostly because it's what's been around.

  4. also glad to see you post again!
    my favorite thing to eat with hersheys is popcorn and tea. especially if its almond hersheys. i found that out by mistake when i was stealing all my friends food at a movie once.

    also, here's a link to book hollowing instructions:

  5. i enjoy very much reading your posts,
    looking foward to seeing more xo

  6. I live in Australia and friends from America came over with a GIANT bag of Hersheys and, of course, we decided to eat it all. They were sickly good :)