P.S. Being thirteen is awkward.


  1. i'm fifteen and i'm still awkward, i don't know if that's encouragement or discouragement.

  2. ahh, i have to say about the same thing.

    I'm fourteen, and still awkward.
    I feel like this comment is for Awkward Anonymous.
    (I am in an odd mood.)

  3. I do remember thirteen being particularly awkward. When I think of thirteen I think of the picture of my Bar Mitzvah my grandmother kept on her wall, and how I looked so uncomfortable. A lot of the awkwardness did go away. What's left I just began accepting for the most part.

  4. being 13 was hands down the most awkward experience of my life. of course, i'm still pretty akward at 15. but not quite at the 13 year old level

  5. That quote makes so much sense... I would love to read the whole of that someday.

    13 was pretty awkward.. but i thought 14 was more so, just cause of the major school switch i did. What's stranger is when people actually acknowledge the awkwardness in a specific conversation saying something like "well this is awkward." ehh. its so counter-productive.

  6. Being 13 really is awkward...i personally went through the "i hate the world and im hormonal and insane" phase when i was about 10-12 so it was hard on me having everybody else going through that when i was already done with it, especially with all the drama....that's the worst.

    Lovely picture :)

    and yes it does actually eliminate an elective so i can have a new one filling it's place, the school i'm going to offers this "class" called Reading Enrichment and all you have to do is sit in a room and read for an hour and you get a language credit! Ridiculou? yes. Awesome? YES!

    I hope that school starting soon will help the awkwardness out a little bit!!! good luck!!!


  7. hey mary! thanks for commenting on my blog! i, personally, have no idea of the awkwardness of 13, because i'm 12. :) I like your picture. did you make the collage yourself? i do know that 12 is awkward too, but maybe not as awkward as 13 because you're expected to be mostly grown up already, and maybe you don't want to be, right? anyway, love you post! sounds like a cool book.
    ps: sorry i write so much. i have a talking problem. :)

  8. Okay, I'm 18 and 13 was easily THE most awkward point in my life. I wanted to leave the school I was at but was terrified to go to high school, my body was WHACK and I had no idea what to do with it or whether I should hide it or flaunt it or carry on as if nothing was happening, and my then-friends were starting to do things I was not morally okay with, and I wanted to drift into another social circle but was afraid what everyone else thought... I can't say anything that will make you feel better, but as an 18 year old now, all I'm thinking is "This too shall pass." Books are great ways to sort through ideas and try them on for size and figure out what you want to keep for yourself. =/ Best of luck.