Tonight mostly lovely bocce ball, bikes to the Festival, home movies, blacksmithing lady, Snood happened.  Now, possibly, Twelve Rounds (John Cena, ftw (is this is an appropriate time to use such an abbreviation? I have gathered it shortens "for the win", or "fuck the world" depending, but...)).  hahahaha.

Fires are so enchanting. 
(Photo, flickr)


  1. Nice photo there:). I used to play bocce ball at the parties we hadwhen I worked at a video store, but it's been a while.

    It's great to look at old home movies (well mostly). We had a legendary one in my family called "The Steps". When I was about seven I think, my grandparents came to visit from Omaha. It was a large family gathering, and all you see is all of us walking up and down the steps over and over in front of the apartment building, and stopping at the bottom for a second to smile. It's awkward,silly and charming.

    My mom hated to be filmed or photographed. In most of the home movies you see her trying to hide her face when she realized the camera was on her.

  2. how beautiful! and yay for snood, of course.

  3. fires are quite lovely! I hope all is well in the life of mary...i've been a very crappy blogger but i started a new blog to hopefully make that better :)


    feel free to check it out!


  4. Ive watched a bit of twelve rounds lol. might watch it propa tomorra :):)
    Haha... FTW!!
    Vic says it all the time we usually use it shortening down for the win :D

    That pic of fire is actually quite captivating in its lil special way :)

    and lol. thanks for your comment.. the guy with the long hair on the left was tom..i'll let him no sometime that you commented onn his hair lol. and wooooooooooo MACCY D'S =]

    loveeyaa hunniee beeeeeee :] xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. where are youuuu you don't like me anymore!!!!! this is what i look like -------> :*(

  6. sorry i am such a whiner :( is that a word? well anyways, miss you!!

  7. thanks for adding (maybe i do the same in some days, yaa?!) and you should know: i totally dig your header.

  8. thats absolutely magnificent. i've never seen anything like that before