I found this letter on my floor this morning.  My teacher sent it around the end of the school year, and I had forgotten, but her words are so soothing and kind.  I've shared a similar story before, but this is further evidence of her grace.

You have been in my thoughts and prayers so much this year because I have delighted in teaching you and I have felt a special kinship with you.  During the last weeks, as I have sensed the challenges you have faced with relationships, I have not said much-but I have prayed much.

Know that I believe in you and have great confidence that you will find fulfillment.  The inner resources I catch glimpses of in you as I get to know you better are a gift from God, and I know you have the ability to bless many people (I am one of them!).

"The pursuit of truth in the company of friends" is a motto that I especially associate with you, my dear young friend.


  1. wow, you have a really nice teacher! all the teachers I hear about are usually kind of annoying ( I wouldn't know though, as I've been homeschooled all my life) You're lucky :)

  2. What a teacher you had. I couldn't agree more. The best part is "You have the ability to bless many people". I am one of those as well:)

  3. she's right! you ARE special. i'm glad she wrote that to you. don't ever lose it, and then in years to come when you are feeling down, just get the letter and read it and you should immediately feel better!

  4. Omg I wish my teachers were like that lol.
    thats soo sweet what she said to you :):)
    you are special I agree and when you find it one random day in years to come you will look at it and it will just make you smile :D


    hope your well hun :)

    loveeyaa :] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. I'm not too big a fan of clif bars either but that's what my mom got so that's what I ended up eating -unless of course I could successfully trade it for something better!
    right now I have finished most of my schooling a year early so all I'm taking is algebra this year which I take by video and book. It's ok, I don't really know what real school is like so I'm perfectly content with homeschooling. plus! it gives me more time do do other, more fun things than homework :)

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