I've hatched a marvelous plan where I'll get a train ticket.  I'll take the train around, sleeping during the day, and at night perusing a twenty four hour CVS.  And I will steal a bike and ride around wherever I have landed, bonus if there is a river and I can pedal beside it.  I will carry Old Spice and lipstick with me, and wear binoculars around my neck.  That's all I need.  


  1. oh man. that is marvelous..
    i think i would carry a camera with me maybe instead of binoculars and make friends with the CVS owners in each place i go, then maybe they would give me film.

  2. hehe. that does sound like a magnificent plan :P

    :) xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. That sounds great:). I've often thought about getting one of the 30 day unlimited travel Amtrak passes.

  4. ohyus, that does sound like a marvelous plan.
    Every summer, my friend and I take the tram all the way to the beach and back;
    the time on there feels like we're in limbo, it's brilliant.

  5. hellooooo madam. do you want a fall dress or a summer dress?????????????? if i make you a summer dress do you want a solid color? light blue, maybe? stripes? patterns? polka dots?? if i make you a fall dress, i am reeeally feeling some sort of plaid tartan scheme. like a navy plaid sort of thing. or whatever you want of course! i am getting paid on thursday and i'm going down to get the fabric then! so let me know before then!! hurrry!!!!

  6. You make me want to hop on a train too... all I need to keep going is an electrical outlet to charge my cochlear implant batteries. That's the only thing keeping me from hopping on a train right now... and the fact that I'm going to school next year.
    I have been working all summer at a theatre in a small town, living at my cousins house with a shared computer with slow internets, thus the lack of blogging (both reading and posting), but I added a link to my tumblr today so I suppose that counts.
    I will do a big summer post when I am back home though.