i hate social studies

Epicureanism is a philosophy born of the Greek Epicurus (341-270 B.C.).  Epicureans believe in materialism and hedonism to solve problems.  According to Epicurus, no pain existed outside of bodily discomfort.  Consequently, the absence of physical pain was equated with pure happiness.  He also advocated good heartedness and a virtuous lifestyle.  Today, people associate Epicureanism with a love of good food and drink.  A true study of the philosophy is still important today, however, because Epicurus preached materialism in a compelling way.


  1. Nice summary here - and it's wonderful to see Clotted back. I've been trying to work up the energy to resume Waterloo Sunset.

  2. I do like Social Studies, though it can be taught in a way that makes it dreadfully dull.A lot of teachers leave out the parts that are the most interesting - and unusual.

  3. Yes, I should probably restate that: I like social studies. I strongly dislike my social studies teacher this year. I hate when rich subjects are cheapened to "cater to the students."